Attach managers to employees profile:

Reduce notification noise about time off, unavailability, and shift exchange requests by assigning managers within employee profiles. By assigning a manager to an employee, notifications for this employee will go to the designated manager and not to every manager in their location.

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Mark multiple days as sick callout:

If one of your employees will be out sick for more than one day, you can now mark multiple days as a sick callout at once.

Note: Only scheduled days will be marked as "sick." Unscheduled days will remain blank.

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Connect Sling with HarbourTouch, Restaurant Manager and Positouch.

If you have an account with HarbourTouch, Restaurant Manager, or Positouch, you can now connect it with Sling. This integration will allow you to import employee, timesheet, and sales data from your POS to Sling.

This feature is part of the Free plan

In case you missed it:

You can now add employees in bulk:

There are 16 more color options for your positions:

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