Horizontal month view:

We've added another option for the month view in an effort to make it even easier to plan schedules. The horizontal view allows you see a layout similar to the week view (names listed on the left), but lists all days of the month across the top as well. You can also use the added benefit of the various grouping options (location, position, groups, etc).

You can also use this view with the custom range, which could be helpful if you want to see the schedule for each employee (for your payroll period, for example).

This feature is part of the Free plan

Easily communicate with employees working today and tomorrow

You can now tailor communication based on the employees scheduled to work on the current day or following day. When creating a new conversation, you'll see the option to select these "groups" under the Members field. This way, you can be sure you're reaching only the relevant employees for important updates.

This feature is not available to employees

This feature is part of the Premium plan

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