If you are using Sling's paid time off feature, you now have the ability to track PTO hours on your payroll report. PTO hours will be totaled under their own column and are not included in the main Hours column. The Hours column only reflects worked hours (including regular, OT, and holiday hours). Your total wages will reflect PTO costs, though.

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Improvements on timesheets

Quickly spot manual edits

You can easily recognize edited timesheets from the main view, now. Edited timesheets are highlighted with a purple line on the left side:

Enhanced grouping by date and employees

We added a grouping by date and enhanced the grouping by employees. You can now collapse/extend timesheets attached to one employee or a date. 

Keep track of total hours when filtering out shifts

If you like to group your schedule by position or use filters to filter out locations, it can be difficult to keep an eye on the total hours worked by your employees. It is now possible to have total hours displayed for each employees by enabling the conflict feature.

It will highlight the number of hours for the position/location selected and the total hours next to it. You don't have to worry about over scheduling your employees anymore.

In case you missed it 

It is now possible to upload multiple attachments with your messages on mobile.

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