Introducing bulk editing 

It is always frustrating to notice a mistake after completing the schedule. You need to go through dozens of shifts and adjust them one by one, often to perform the same change. Not anymore - say hello to our bulk edit feature! 

You can now select multiple shifts and apply multiple changes to them at once. 

Check out these examples:

  • Have your business hours changed and the start time of your shifts needs to be adjusted? Select the opening shifts and edit their start time in few clicks! 

  • Did you publish the schedule by accident? No worries, you can select the entire schedule and make it unpublished. 

This feature is part of the Premium & Business plan

Archive locations & positions 

If you have locations and/or positions you are no longer using, you can now archive them. Archiving positions and locations is similar to deactivating an employee. The archived locations/positions will no longer be visible or available for scheduling, but will remain in the system in case you need to use them again in the future. Future shifts for those locations/positions will be deleted, but past shifts, timesheets, and labor cost data will be preserved.

In case you missed it:

  • You can now mark a shift as a no-show or a sick call-out right from the Roster. You can also edit timesheets for the day (e.g. missed clock-in/out) without filtering through the entire timesheet report. 

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