Tasks are a great tool to communicate things that need to be done during a shift. They can also be used to send out important info and get confirmation that it has been received.

To create one, click the Tasks tab, and then click Create task.

In the pop-up you can create a name, add a description, assign one or more employees, assign a due date and time, and even attach files. You'll also see options appear when you add multiple assignees. 

  • Choosing Task is shared between assignees means that the task is assigned collectively to the group and any one person can complete it for the entire group
  • Choosing Create copies of this task for all assignees means that a separate task will be created for each person and they will need to complete them individually

Once it's created, you and any assignees can also leave comments to communicate about the task.

Finally, an assignee can mark it as completed to notify you that the assignment has been done and you will get a notification on your Dashboard.

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