This article was last updated on 5/5/2021.

Please note: Only shifts on the current and future dates can be made available.

From the website:

If you have uncovered shifts in the unassigned row, or you would like to allow your employees to choose their own shifts, it's very easy to move them all to the available shifts row. This will make them visible to your employees and will assist you in covering open shifts. Related: What is the difference between Unassigned and Available shifts?

To move all Unassigned shifts:

Select the date range you want to make available (day, week, month, or custom), then click the Auto-assign button along the top right of the page. Select Make all unassigned shifts available and you will see all the unassigned shifts moved to available shifts.

To move one shift at a time:

Individual shifts can be moved by drag and drop. This applies to unassigned shifts as well as assigned shifts, so if an employee notifies you that they are not able to work a shift already assigned to them, you can move it easily to remove it from the employee and also find coverage.

Additionally, you can click the shift to open its details and then click the options button (3 dots) to make a single shift available. 

From the mobile app:

In the mobile app, it's not possible to make an entire week's worth of shifts available all at once, but you can make single shifts available.

From the Shifts tab, tap the shift you'd like to make available. You can easily recognize unassigned shifts because they will list "No employee" and lack the available shift icon.

This will bring up the shift details. Tap the options button (3 dots) to make it available.

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