Article last reviewed 10/13/2021.

If you need to note an event or reminder, block time off requests, or apply a holiday pay rate to a particular date, you can do so through the Schedule. 

From the website:

When you are in the Week or horizontal Month view of the schedule, and you hover your mouse pointer over the date for a specific day, you will see a + appear. When you are in the Day view, the option to add a note appears just next to the range selector.

Remember, the option to add a note is only available currently in the horizontal version for the Month view. You cannot add a note in this way using the traditional calendar view of the month:

When you click to add a note, a popup window will appear where you can enter details.

As you can see in the example, you have the option to block time off requests, indicate your business is closed for that day, and/or apply a holiday pay rate to the date you've selected. Please note that all 3 of these options for a note are only available through the web version of Sling.

Once you've entered the details you need, you'll see the option to Save.

Click the Save button, and you will now see that there is a small  i  next to the date indicating a note has been added to that day.

The day itself will also appear shaded to indicate a note has been applied. The example below appears shaded red. Other types of notes will shade the day gray (refer to image later in article).

You will see notes displayed in the main view of the app as well, so employees will be alerted to important info without having to search for it.

From the mobile app:

Tap the date on which you would like to add a note, then choose Add note from the list.

Type your note in the field, then tap Save.

Your note will now appear from the main view of the Shifts tab and on the website.

The note will also be visible from the web view, like so:

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