There can be a few reasons employees are not able to see Available shifts that you've published to the Schedule. 

Employees must be assigned to the same position and location as the Available shift to see it. You can confirm this info in their profiles.

If they do have at least one location and position in their profile that matches the location and positions saved to the Available shift, please have your employees check the filter settings in the app.

To access these, they will go to the Shifts tab and click on the filter icon.

In the next window, they should make sure Available shifts has been checked.

Note: Keep in mind that there is a difference between Unassigned shifts and Available shifts. Shifts that are in the Unassigned section will not be visible to employees even if they are published. Only Admin and Managers can see Unassigned shifts.

If you have a number of Unassigned shifts that you want to make Available, you can do so by using the Options button in the Schedule if you're using the web version of Sling:

For more details about how to do this, please visit this page.

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